Social Media Award Winners Announced! 

Social Media Award Winners Announced!
As a reminder, we are giving free meal kits to the best social media posts of the month. This can either be a picture of one of your meals or a positive comment about our service. Simply tag CookDC whether you post of Facebook, INstagram or any other platform.

CookDC Trout Customer Pic

Pan Roasted Trout

This month’s winner: Kate!
“Thanks for another fun family night cooking together! Herb Stuffed Rainbow Trout with Perigord Black Truffle! Great dish. We love trout and love to cook it. The kids loved seeing the whole trout in the bags. Easy to make too.” – Look how those trouts are smiling at us! You can see how fresh those trout are by the sheen on the skin….and that is becuase they were caught the day before! BTW – your stove is way too clean…

The Runners-Up!
“The Grouper Last night was da bomb!” -We looked that one up and according to the Urban Dictionary, means “An old but cool way of calling something awesome. The term was used a lot in the mid to late 90s.”

CookDC Rabbit Confit customer pic

Rabbit Confit

“Rabbit Confit! CookDC nails it again!” – That Rabbit sure did come out well! They were cooked the same way as their more popular cousin…duck!

“I opened my bag yesterday and it smelled like my grandmother’s stale perfume.” Is that a good thing or not? Okay, okay, so, we stopped using a scented cleaning solution on the bags months ago…..

CookDC Sweetbread Piccada Customer PIc

Sweetbread Piccada

“CookDC rocked last night’s Sweetbread Piccata! My son had 3 helpings before asking what they were!”That plating looks great – the Micro Blue Basil is a nice visual contrast to the orange of the Butternut Squash and the Yellow of the Orzo.

“I thought you should know that there was a hair in the food. I took a picture but I can’t find it.” Well, we are sorry for that….wait a minute…how did that get in here?!!! Who wrote that? Is this a prank?

CookDC Cheese Plate Customer PIc

CookDC Cheese Plate

“It was a great event! People were munching on the cheeseboards all night! They loved the meal and beautiful desserts. You made it very easy for us to heat and serve everything. No clean-up other than the dishes!” That picture looks so professional it could be from a food magazine….it wasn’t, right?

“Best steak we ever had. Loved the sides as well.” – Not much to add to that one!

“Hi, I just drove over dinner on the way out of the garage. Lesson learned for all. Sorry about your bag.” – Well, that was a first…

CookDC Dueling Chickens Customer PIcs

Dueling Chickens!