So you think you want to live the dream?!!!

So you think you want to live the dream?!!! We realize many have dreams of starting their own company, whether it be a store that sells Christmas decorations year round or a school for blind dogs….and everyone tells you to go for it. Well, let us just say, it is not only about 1 foot figurines of Santa waterskiing, or explaining to the dog owner not to rearrange the furniture or leave the drawers open….it is much, much more.

This has been quite the rollercoaster week here at CookDC. As many of you know who have been reading these newsletters for a while, we spent our first year in business on legal bills due to a frivolous action from a national competitor…and our lawyer refused to take roast beef as payment. Thankfully, the legal bills have ended, but only to be replaced with new challenges.

While we received a favorable article from a local media outlet this week….next week we will undoubtedly receive a call from either the tax commissioner, or Santos, the hardest working Health Inspector in the County (seriously….that is what happens because they read all that stuff….).

But, the real highlight of the week was our delivery van ramming the parked car of one of our very first, and very loyal clients. Clearly, they didn’t have a good week either (we are so sorry!). Our insurance will repair all the damage to the vehicles, however our pride will remain in tatters. Unfortunately, our pride’s insurance policy was cancelled while on vacation in 4th grade when mom forgot my bathing suit and made me wear my sister’s shorts instead….still recovering from that one.

So, if you take that plunge, just remember you will need to be skilled in many other areas than your passion – perhaps you will need to know how to draw a perfect circle, multiply without a calculator, whistle with your fingers, speak in a British accent, burp at 110 decibels, or play the harmonica with your nose – you will need the flexibility to perform all kinds of tasks you never thought capable (…that is because you never thought you had too!). So, if you do….just be prepared!