Pulpo A la Gallega (Spanish-Style Octopus over Potatoes)

Pulpo a la Gallega, or Spanish Octopus, is a typical Spanish dish from Galicia in the northwest of Spain. It is often served as a small plate, or tapa, but also as a main.

Ways to tenderize octopus have created many legends. Octopus is tough due to its uniquely designed constrictor muscles. When not cooked properly, the collagen shrinks and creates a tough piece of meat. Jiro, the protagonist in the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, messages his octopus for 45 minutes prior to serving it raw. Other techniques include whacking the meat with a meat tenderizer, searing, and serving it slightly raw (traditionally this would be done but the fisherman by hitting it against the rocks).. For us, the Sous Vide method of cooking, which will be done at 185 degrees for 4 hours to turn the high concentration of collagen into gelatin, and ensuring a tender bite.

The Octopus will be served over boiled potatoes with chorizo and piquillo peppers and finished with a garlic cream sauce and black olive oil.