Poule Au Pot (Chicken in a Pot)

Tues.-Fri. Sept 26th-29th: Poule Au Pot (Chicken in a Pot) – (Serves 3-4 / Time to Cook: 1 hr (none active))

Note: The Chickens average 3.25lbs and feeds 3-4 adults.

This is a classic French Bistro dish – a chicken lightly poached with a variety of root vegetables and aromatics. The meal can be served in two courses, first the broth, following by the Chicken and vegetables, or served as a stew, making this meal so versatile.

We will start off with our Free Range Amish-Raised Chickens, which have great flavor and are wonderfully moist. We will brine overnight and then stuff with mushrooms and spinach and trussed. The chicken will be lightly poached at a simmer for 45 minutes, but never brought to a boil. The various seasonal vegetables will be simmered along with the chicken. The chicken can be served in bowls like a stew or on a plate. A slurry (typically cornstarch or flour mixed with water) can be added to create a Velouté or fancy French name for a gravy.