Pot Au Feu d’Enfer or Hell’s Fire Chicken (Vinegar & Cream)

This is a recipe that is adapted from Chef Fernand Point, a teacher of Paul Bocuse, from his cookbook Ma Gastronomie. The dish is essentially a variation on Poulet Lyonnais, which is Chicken in Vinegar with Cream, but his name is much more descriptive….Hell’s Fire….this dish is bold and flavorful.

A Pot-Au-Feu is a French preparation were the soup (both), meat, and vegetables are all cooked at once. According to the French Revolutionary leader the Count of Mirabeau, the ancient dish with all kinds of variations was “the foundation of empires.” This is similar to a Poulet Au Pot or a Potée

Where the entire meal is prepared using one large pto. Traditionally served in winter, ours will be much lighter. The chicken will be seared in a pan and then all the other ingredients added….very simple.

Poulet Lyonnais includes vinegar and tomatoes…Wait! That sounds like ketchup!…okay, it really does, but it isn’t….a little cream is added, only a few tablespoons. The Pot au Feu d’Enfer will be served over egg noodles.