Moqueca Bahiana (Brazilian Fish Stew) with Farofa & Piri Piri Sauce

Wed., Nov. 8th: Moqueca Bahiana (Brazilian Fish Stew) with Farofa & Piri Piri Sauce ($16 Per Person / Time to Cook: 30 min. / Cook By Day: Thursday)

The word Moqueca and the recipe both come from African tradition of cooking fish in clay pots. Moqueca is a Brazilian fish stew containing a salt water fish, along with tomatoes, onions, plantains, coconut milk, and coriander. There are two versions recognized which are the Moqueca Bahiana from Bahia and the Moqueca Capixaba from Espírito Santo. The former more heavily influenced by African cuisine while the later is more influenced by Portuguese. The main difference between the two is the Bahiana-version uses the strongly flavored Red Palm Oil, known as dendê, while Capixaba version uses Olive Oil and a near flavorless coloring agent known in Portuguese as Urucum, widely known as Achiote, to provide the yellow color.

We will be providing the Bahia version with the more strongly flavored Dendê. It will be served with Farofa, which is Manioc flour cooked in butter. Manioc, also called cassava, is the starchy tuber used to make tapioca. Piri Piri, the Portuguese vinegar-based hot sauce, also is included in addition to the traditional rice.