Miso Cured Black Cod with Chilled Cucumber Salad

Curing, just like brining and rubbing, is a method of adding salt and seasoning to fish or meat. The reason a wet cure is used here, which is made from white soy sauce, sake, mirin and white miso, is for flavor and not necessarily for moisture. Wet cures are only used for a short period of time, while the fish still needs to be cooked. In this case, we will be curing the fish for 3 days.

Our Black Cod, or SableFish, is certified sustainable to the standard of the Marine Stewardship Council. From the waters off of Alaska, the sablefish has a rich, buttery flesh, which will be enhanced by the miso crust.

We will be serving the fish simply with a cold cucumber salad, which will be made with kombu broth, bonito flakes, and seasoned with rice vinegar.

Some ingredient definitions:
White Soy Sauce – made from wheat and soybeans. Teh sauce is fermented for a shorter time, creating a lighter color and more subtle flavor.
Mirin – subtly sweet Japanese rice wine.
Sake – rice wine
White Miso – made from combining fermented soybeans and rice, having a slightly sweet taste. This is essentially Japanese Ketchup, as this is ubiquitous as a condiment.
Bonito Flakes – or katsuobushi, are dried flakes of fermented and smoked tuna.
Kombu – edible kelp, or seaweed.