Maillard Pie (Duck) or Mutton Pie (Lamb) – (sorry, Pigeon Pie is not available)

Here we have essentially a Medieval Pot pie. We really wanted to serve a pigeon pie, which was served to the guests of the Red Wedding (….moment of silence for the dreamy Robb Stark…), but alas are unable to source any pigeons….

We are offering two options of protein, duck and mutton. The duck legs are dark meat and will have a similar flavor to pigeon, albeit not as strong. The mutton, well, that is really lamb but calling it mutton sounds more Medieval – mutton is lamb over a year old, and since time is money, nearly all lamb is slaughtered prior to one year.

The pie will include many traditional medieval ingredients and spices such as dried fruits (raisins & cherries), cloves, mace, and Poudre Douce (cinnamon, cassia flowers, ginger, grains of paradise, nutmeg, Galangal, and sugar), turnips, mirepoix and Verjus. Verjus, or French for “Green Juice,” which is basically Green Grape juice made from unripe grapes, making it highly acidic. Verjus has been used for centuries and is basically interchangeable with vinegar.