Irish Fisherman’s Pie

Wed., Dec. 6th: Irish Fisherman’s Pie ($16 Per Person / Time to Cook: 45 min. / Cook By Day: Thursday)

When thinking about the cuisine of Ireland, Corned Beef and Lamb typically come to mind, overlooking the heavy influence of its maritime tradition. Ireland borders both the Atlantic and the North Sea and its cuisine is rich with a in a wide variety of seafood. Irish Fisherman’s Pie is essentially the seafood equivalent to more famous Shepherd’s Pie made with Lamb. The Cod & Shrimp are cooked in a creamy Béchamel Sauce with vegetables under a blanket of mashed potatoes. The hallmark of this dish is that the fish is poached in the milk that is then used as the base of the sauce. The dish also traditionally contains hard-boiled eggs, and sometimes cheddar cheese (but not ours).