Coq au Vin (Wine Braised Chicken)

CookDC Coq au Vin

Tues., Jan. 23rd: Coq au Vin (Wine Braised Chicken) – ($15 Per Person / Time to Cook: 30 min. / Cook by Day: Friday)

This classic French dish was traditionally made with Roosters or Hens. Now, roosters, or any poultry or animal several years in age, tend to be rather tough. The wine marinade is used to tenderize this meat, similar to the beef in the similar Boeuf Bourguignon. This dish is now more commonly serve chicken thighs, which are already tender so the red wine is only used to add flavor.

The thighs will be marinated in a red wine marinade for 24 hours. The thighs are then coated in flour and seared (this is to prevent the marinade that coats them from burning. The onions and the carrots will be cooked separately and added at the end. The Coq au Vin will be server with a crusty baguette.