Week of June 10, 2019: Pulpo A la Gallega (Spanish-Style Octopus over Potatoes); Pot Au Feu d’Enfer or Hell’s Fire Chicken (Vinegar & Cream); Caneton aux Cérises (Moulard Duck Breast with Cherries); Bouillabaisse;

From the Provence Region of Southern France, this is a seafood dish prepared in a broth with herbs. The name is a contraction with bouillir, meaning boil, and abaisser, meaning to reduce. Traditionally ,the Bouillabaisse was cooked on the beach by the fisherman with the pieces of fish least suitable for the market. There are many variations, but typically the fish is a white fish and not an oily fish (deep swimmer) and flavoured with saffron and dried orange peel. The dish historically was served over dried bread, called Marette, which was neither fried or toasted. A more modern take is toasted bread served with Rouille (pronounce ROO-eel), which is essentially a roasted pepper aioli, which is how ours will be served.